We can take a scheme from initial concept and engineer a solution that will comply with current regulations and is optimised to the budget.

We use advanced 3-D computer modelling to create the scheme elements.

We can therefore provide

We prefer to work closely with you, because we believe prevention is better than cure.

You have the idea - we make it happen.

Quantity Surveyors

Specialist glazing is notoriously difficult to budget for.

Small and apparently minor changes in specification can lead to major changes in costs and lead times.

Deciding on a specific systems supplier early on in a project may well commit you to a defined solution, even if the parameters change later on.

Alan Hone Associates is an independent company, and as such is not tied to any one supplier. We can therefore source the appropriate product or material according to price, performance and availability to best fit the current state of the project.

This may well include using products from competing suppliers on the same project, if this is of benefit to the client.

Main Contractors

AHA will develop and price specialist packages involving glazing or detail metalwork, either at tender stage or when firming up on Provisional Sum items.

We can develop a scheme directly with the project design team, relieving the site management from large amounts of unnecessary paperwork and attendance at meetings.

As specialist contractors, we will of course produce

We also try to advise early on of any enabling works that may be required so that re-work and disruption are minimised and Site Instructions are avoided as far as possible.

Structural Engineers

The glazed elements of a structure, particularly where they are structural elements themselves, require specialist knowledge and experience to ensure the following criteria are met in a more than satisfactory way:

Striking the right balance between physics, finance and finesse may require a partner knowledgeable in this area of work to achieve the best results.

Alan Hone Associates can help you to define and refine your requirements and achieve your goal.

Window and Glazing Contractors

The design, manufacture and installation of window and curtain-walling is a specialist business in its own right. We do not, as a rule, carry out this work ourselves, except as a small part of a larger project.

There are many occasions where the larger project is the window installation, but a part of it is structural or frameless glazing, for example a glass canopy, entrance lobby or balustrade.

AHA can act as an in-house specialist department to the main glazing contractor, providing the specialist design and manufacture of the 'glass' and detail metalwork.

End Users

You've got an idea for a building using glass in an unusual or innovative way but don't know who to ask if it's feasible.

While we can't do the impossible, we will be pleased to help you if we can to

We can then work out a budget for the scheme and its options.

If a satisfactory answer results, we can then progress to making it happen.