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Alan Hone Associates specialises in the engineering, manufacture and installation of technically challenging constructions predominantly involving the integration of glazing, architectural metalwork and joinery.

We work to the same technical standards as the largest companies, but on a smaller scale.  We specialise in projects that are less straightforward, solving problems that involve awkward shapes or bends, and often involve several types of material (eg joinery - stainless steel - glazing).


We are a multi-disciplinary practice and our work may include mechanical, electrical and structural elements, as well as manufacturing and installation.

Whether as a sheer smooth element of a building, balustrade or bridge, as a delicate canopy or rooflight, or as a strong clear doorway or floating staircase, AHA custom engineer structural and frameless glazing solutions to achieve an optimal mix of weight, lightness, cost and time for your individual project. 


AHA will create and install glazing, support structure, cladding, framing and ancillary components as a co-ordinated package, either as part of a larger project or as a stand-alone project.  We have an eclectic mix of both clients and projects throughout the UK.

Please view the brief portfolio of some of our work, or contact us for further information and assistance.



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